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Pacific Northwest Homebrew Conference

First annual Pacific Northwest Homebrew Conference


Malt Info

Malt Database
This is link to BrewUnited’s Grain Database. A great resource about brewing malts.

Malt Substitution Chart

If you find yourself short of a particular malt needed for your recipe, this link is to a chart that gives common grain substitutes between different maltsters. Beware that each maltster has there own method in creating their particular malt and substitution may not translate to the exact same results.


Friends of the Club

Wild River Brewing and Pizza Company
Wild River Brewery and Pizza was one of the earliest sponsors of the Hellgate Homebrewer’s and still our strongest supporter. We can’t begin to thank them enough for all they have done and still do for us, including hosting our monthly meetings. We have a great relationship with them… visit there site and buy their beer/food. Tell ’em the Hellgate Homebrewer’s sent you!


Rogue Valley Brewing Supply and Bottle Shop

RVBS is Grants Pass’ premier dedicated brewing supply shop. The Owners are not only veterans of the brewing supply industry (having run a shop in Bend for many years) they are regular participating members and supporters of the Hellgate Homebrew Club. Tom and Donna invite you to come in and check out the shop, have a cold beer served at their comfy seating area, and talk homebrew. Click the link above for their Facebook page or visit at 123 SE K Street Grants Pass, Oregon 97526. Phone is (541) 295-8700. Open 10-7, closed Sunday and Monday.


Grange Co-op
The Grange Co-op is Grants Pass has a homebrew supply department in store. They are very reasonably priced and have been very good to our club, partnering with us to do homebrewing demos, offering discounts, and soliciting advice from club members on what supplies they would like to see in the store. The link above is to the homebrew supply potion of their site, but beware, their store is addictive for home, farm, garden and pets too!


Umpqua Brewers Guild
Our northern sister club based out of Roseburg, These guys are great brewers with a wealth of knowledge and support for brewers a bit north of us. They are also a ton of fun to hang out with so we do it at often as we can. Here is a link to their Facebook page for more info on the Oregon Homebrewer’s Rendezvous.


Southern Oregon Homebrewers
Our southern brothers based out of Medford, we attend their meetings whenever possible as they are full of fun and beer education. They have several members that are recognized by the BJCP as judges, so bring in your hombrews for educated opinions.

Monthly Meetings

Join us on the second Thursday of each month at the Rogue Valley Brewing Supply and Bottle Shop for our brew club meeting. Meeting starts at 7 PM. RVBS is located at 123 SE K Street Grants Pass, OR 97526.

Water Testing
Testing of your brewing water can now be done and the results typically back to you in 48 hours. Only $10 and the proceeds go back to the club for future equipment library purchases. See Nate for details.
Club Book Library
Check out all of the great book titles available for club members to read and use. Click the Club Library tab above to see what's available.
Equipment Check-out

As a club member you also have access to our growing equipment library. Members can borrow all kinds of brewing equipment such as CO2 and kegging supplies, beer gun bottle fillers, and jockey boxes, all at no cost for members.