(as ammended on June 13, 2011)


SECTION 1 – Name

The name of this organization is Hellgate Homebrewers, hereinafter referred to as The Club. This organization is located in and around Josephine County, Oregon.

SECTION 2 – Purpose

Hellgate Homebrewers is a non-profit home brewing organization that encourages brewing, tasting, sharing, and educating in the art and science of home brewed beer* in a safe, responsible and respectful environment. (* When beer is stated it also includes other fermentable beverages such as mead, cider and wine.)

SECTION 3 – Dissolution

Should the Hellgate Homebrewers ever be dissolved or cease to exist, any financial assets remaining after payment of all debts and Liabilities shall be conveyed to the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation. In the event the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation is no longer in existence or has lost its Nonprofit status, club assets shall be distributed to a nonprofit entity that is organized and operated exclusively for scientific, educational or community service purposes and has established its tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code and the Revenue and Taxation Code. Priority shall be given to brewing-oriented educational organizations. The remaining real property of the Hellgate Homebrewers shall be made available to other home brewing organizations established in the state of Oregon


SECTION 1 – Qualifications

Membership in The Club is open to any adult 21 years old or older with an interest in brewing beer and who is actively brewing home brewed beer. Members are expected to attend at least one meeting and/or event per year as well as be actively brewing beer, mead, wine, cider, etc. All members must complete an application, including a liability waiver, and pay dues. The Executive Committee has the authority to accept or reject any potential applicant.

SECTION 2 – Membership Term

The term of membership is July 1 through June 30, one full calendar year. Dues are paid in July for the full year or in January as prorated (see Dues).

SECTION 3 – Revocation or Suspension

Membership to The Club may be revoked or suspended by a unanimous vote of the executive committee or a majority vote of the members for the following reasons: 1. Failure to pay dues. 2. Failure to abide by organization by-laws. 3. Conduct that is detrimental to the image or objectives of Hellgate Homebrewers.

SECTION 4 – Reinstatement

Paying, in full, any annual dues owed can reinstate any member whose membership has been revoked or suspended due to the failure of paying their dues. Any member whose membership was revoked or suspended for other reasons may be reinstated by a unanimous vote of the executive committee or a majority vote of regular members.

SECTION 5 – Voting

Each regular member in good standing of The Club shall have the right to vote on all matters that come before the membership. A member in good standing is one who is current in dues and not under suspension.

SECTION 6 – Participation

Members are expected to take an active roll in organization meetings, committees and events. Members are expected to help with the set up, maintenance, and/or clean up of an organization meeting or event.

SECTION 7 – Guests

Members are welcome to bring guests to organization meetings, limited to two per meeting. Members may bring guests to organization events, limited to four per event. If a member wishes to bring a larger number of guests to meetings or event, they will need to get permission from the President or Vice President before doing so. Some events may require the guest to pay a fee for materials used or consumed. A guest may only come to two meetings and/or one event before dues are required. Although guests will be required to sign a liability release form when they attend a meeting or event, the members who brought that guest will be also be held responsible for the actions of their guests.

Section 8 – Honorary Members

The Executive Committee may propose a free Honorary Membership to organizations or companies in appreciation for services or other benefits to the Club. Honorary members shall not have voting rights and are not eligible to become officers. The Honorary Membership is effective after a majority vote of the club members present at a regular meeting in which the proposal is made.

Section 9 – Rogue Members

A Rogue Member is a current member in good standing of the club who, for whatever reason, finds him/herself geographically challenged with regards to attending meetings and club functions but would still like to retain their membership with the club after their regular membership expires in June. Rogue members are considered members of the Hellgate Homebrewers club with all rights and privileges bestowed upon them. Dues for Rogue memberships are $5 per year and are due in July.


All regular members in good standing may vote on all issues brought up for a vote by the Executive Committee. Votes may only be taken when a Quorum is present. A Quorum is defined as 25 % of all regular members as long as a majority of the Executive Committee is also present.


SECTION 1 – Annual Dues

The annual membership fee (subject to yearly membership review) is $20 per person per year with an additional $5 for a spouse or significant other (known as a family membership). Annual dues are prorated semi-annually as $10 for an individual or $12.50 for a family membership. The amount of annual membership dues will be determined at the May meeting and can be changed with a unanimous vote of the executive committee.

SECTION 2 – Purpose of Club Dues

Club dues are collected to support club-sponsored events. Each year, the Executive Committee will establich a club calendar for the comming year. With the Treasurer’s Report, the Executive Committee will then establish a projected reserve fund and a projected allocation of the non-reserve funds to support the club’s calendar of events. This calendar and budget will be presented to the membership for approval at the club’s September meeting.


SECTION 1 – Position

The elected officers of the club shall be a President, a Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Special Events Coordinator. This body will be known as the Executive Committee.

SECTION 2 – Duties

President- the President shall preside over all organization meetings (and events), establish meeting places, and prepare meeting agendas. The President shall establish committees for special projects or events. The President will be an ex-officio member of all committees. The President shall delegate organization business or tasks to appropriate officers or organization members.

In addition to the above, the President shall have the authority to approve the expenditure of organization funds, appoint committee members, approve communications, including American Homebrewers Association, change standard operations or undertake other actions on the organization’s behalf. These actions require that he or she receive the approval of at least two other officers (Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, or Special Events Coordinator) before proceeding. The Executive Committee members must be informed of such actions as soon as possible.

The Outgoing President will also be a member of the Executive Committee for a period of 6 months or less for the transition of new officers and as needed for the completion old business

Vice President – The Vice President shall handle all of the duties and responsibilities of the president in his or her absence. The Vice President shall be granted all the powers of the president when in this role. The Vice President is responsible for maintaining a record/possession of organization property including, but not limited to: club-owned brewing equipment, organization-owned brewing ingredients, draft equipment, wood casks and any other organization-owned item(s). The Vice President shall assist the Special Events Coordinator in the educational aspects of Hellgate Homebrewers events.

Treasurer – The Treasurer shall collect dues and revenues, prepare a financial summary to be presented at the request of the organization president, usually at each monthly meeting. The Treasurer may expend up to $50 of organization funds for organization purposes at his or her discretion, but any expenditure above that requires a majority vote of the Executive Committee, either by poll or at a meeting with a quorum presents. The Treasurer is responsible for organizing ways to fund events for the organization at the direction of the Executive Committee.

Secretary – The Secretary keeps minutes of meetings which shall be published following every meeting in the organization newsletter. The Secretary shall be the custodian of all organization records, organization correspondence files, and membership records. The Secretary arranges the registration and recording of attendance, including the completion of liability waiver forms by guests, at all membership meetings and events.

Special Events Coordinator – The Special Events Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of the annual organization events, including events that occur at organization monthly meetings. The Special Events Coordinator will be responsible for recruiting volunteers, selecting venues, and all other details necessary for a successful event.


SECTION 1 – Elections

Nominations of organization officers will take place at the annual May meeting. Nominations for officers will be accepted up until the time the elections begin. The election of organization officers will take place at the annual June meeting. Contested positions will be determined by a show of hands. The winner of a contested election is the person who gets the majority of votes. Uncontested positions will be confirmed by voice vote of those members present at the June meeting. To be eligible to vote, a member must be in good standing.

SECTION 2 – Term

Terms of office shall be for 12 months beginning July 1st and ending June 30th. Newly elected officers will become trainees immediately following the elections and will remain trainees until their term starts on July 1st. Trainees will attend all Executive Committee functions in order to learn the responsibilities of the position they are going to fill. Outgoing officers will serve as mentors for the newly elected officers for that transition period.

SECTION 3 – Vacancies

The Executive Committee, by a majority vote, can fill any vacancy caused by the death, resignation, removal, or incapacity of an officer or director.

SECTION 4 – Removal of an Officer

If an officer has not performed or is unable to perform their duties, the Executive Committee can request a vote by The Club members to remove the officer. At the next meeting, a vote of 2/3 of the members present (provided a quorum is present) can remove the officer from office.


SECTION 1 – Regular Meetings

Regular meetings will be held monthly on the second Monday of each month. Members are asked to bring homebrewed beer, commercial beer relative to the theme or style, and/or food to the monthly meetings.

SECTION 2 – Special Meetings

The President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, may call special meetings at any time with advance notice to the members.

SECTION 3 – Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive Committee will meet at least once per quarter each year with other meetings as determined necessary by the President. The Club officers will determine meeting times and locations.

SECTION 4 – Club Events

Organization events will be held throughout the year as determined by Hellgate Homebrewers officers. Members who would like to create or host an organization event should confer with Executive Committee for approval.

SECTION 5 – Funds and Costs

Any Club funds or costs including payments or costs to participate in Club sponsored events set by a committee must have the approval of the Treasurer and the President.


SECTION 1 – Rights

Members recognize that participation in The Club activities is entirely voluntary. Participation in these activities may involve the consumption of alcoholic beverages which may affect perception and reactions. Members will accept individual responsibility for their conduct and behavior. The Club will neither assume nor accept responsibility for an individual’s action.

SECTION 2 – Liability

Members understand that driving while intoxicated is a serious violation of law and expected behavior at organization events and agree that they will find alternative transportation if they are unable to safely and legally operate a motor vehicle. Members agree they alone are responsible for their actions before, during and after organization events, including, but not limited to, decisions about driving after consuming alcoholic beverages and waive any claim, legal or otherwise, against the organization and its members, hosts and guests stemming from formal or informal organization activities.

SECTION 3 – Conduct/Decorum

Honesty and respect are values that are required of Club members. No member shall steal, be violent, or engage in behavior that is disrespectful to others or themselves.


SECTION 1 – Effective Date

The By-Laws become effective when a quorum is present and majority of the regular members have voted in the affirmative.

SECTION 2 – Copies of the By-laws

The Secretary shall have a copy of the By-Laws available for review at any regular club meeting. New members will receive a copy of the By-Laws upon acceptance of their membership or within 30 days if extra copies are not available through the Secretary. Copies of new or ammended By-Laws will be available on the clubs website for reading or printing by members.

SECTION 3 – Changes

Any member may petition for a change in the Club By-Laws. When changes are proposed, the changes must be presented in writing and introduced at a regular monthly meeting. The proposed changes shall be published in the Club newsletter and voted on at the next monthly meeting. A quorum must be present and a 2/3 majority vote of the regular members present is required in order to make the By-Laws change. The change becomes effective with a positive vote.

Monthly Meetings

Join us on the second Thursday of each month at the Rogue Valley Brewing Supply and Bottle Shop for our brew club meeting. Meeting starts at 7 PM. RVBS is located at 123 SE K Street Grants Pass, OR 97526.

Water Testing
Testing of your brewing water can now be done and the results typically back to you in 48 hours. Only $10 and the proceeds go back to the club for future equipment library purchases. See Nate for details.
Club Book Library
Check out all of the great book titles available for club members to read and use. Click the Club Library tab above to see what's available.
Equipment Check-out

As a club member you also have access to our growing equipment library. Members can borrow all kinds of brewing equipment such as CO2 and kegging supplies, beer gun bottle fillers, and jockey boxes, all at no cost for members.